Stolen Instrument

Publié: 11 May 2020

Selmer Mark VII alto saxophone

Stolen: 14 Apr 2005 - Albuquerque, New Mexico

The date I selected is not correct. I have the police report filed, but I was anxious to get notice this online.
Description de l'instrument:
I was the original purchaser of the Selmer Mark VII on August 6, 1976 when I lived in Logansport, IN (USA). My saxophone was stolen in a Albuquerque, NM, home burglary around 2005-6ish (I have to get the police report out.). I still have the serial number and case number, and the original warranty paper.The serial # begins 250xxx. The police said that the saxophone was most likely taken to a pawn shop.I gave the police the Instrument number and description. They said they get reports from some (not all) local pawn shops. But I didn't hear back from any pawn shop. It was, at the time it was stolen, in beautiful condition. My fingers did not wear off the lacquer, and it was playing with no sticky keys, pads (original) in great shape, and it was in excellent shape. I know this because I would get it out and play now and then over the years, and it was amazing. I'm reporting this now because I just found this email site. If you think you know anything about this, please contact me. Thanks
Cheryl Sharps
Tel: +1 (505) 400-7437

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