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掲載日: 13 Aug 2023

Flute Headjoint:

J. R. Lafin 14K Headjoint

価格: £7000
I'm selling this headjoint I've played for over 10 years in top Scandinavian orchestras. This incredible Lafin has a beautiful, powerful and big sound that projects really well even in the largest concert halls. It possesses a huge range of colours and extreme dynamics. The articulation is particularly easy, clear and responsive. It allowed me to reach the final rounds of several principal flute auditions. It's difficult to find the limits of this instrument.

It is excellently in tune at A=442 but I have played it at 440 and 444 without problems. It is in its original state, so it can be easily fitted to any flute. Bought new at Vent du Midi in Geneva in 2009, I've been it's only owner and kept it religiously.

Available for trial in Cambridge, UK. Price is negotiable.
Paulo G

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