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Veröff.: 14 Feb 2024
Dragon Competition

Dragon Competition

02 - 20 Jul, 2024

- Ensemble: 4000 USD / China Tour (5 concerts)
- Soloist: 2000 USD / China Tour (5 concerts)

Plus: flights, visas, hotels, meals and English speaking guide

The Dragon Competition is an international competition for soloists and ensembles offering a prestigious China Tour showcasing artists' exceptional talent on an international stage. No age limit, all instruments and ensembles are welcome.

By taking the Dragon Competition online, we ensure that talented musicians from all corners of the globe can participate, regardless of geographical constraints. This virtual platform allows for a fair and inclusive competition, where the focus is solely on competitors’ musical prowess and artistic expression.

Respected international Jury includes Davide Alogna (Italy), Allison Pohl (USA), Miran Vaupotić (Croatia), Li Xinxing (China), Mark Saliba (Australia) and Ying Wang (China).

Preliminary Round: 2 to 10 July 2024
Final Round: 11 to 15 July 2024
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Bewerbungsschluss: 01 Jul 2024

This competition appears to include an online round that charges over €35. musicalchairs is concerned that the fee for online judging must be commensurate with the value offered to applicants whether they are successful or unsuccessful. Please therefore study the guidelines for this competition carefully:

  • Is the Jury for the online round published and are they widely respected musicians?
  • Does each Jury member listen to the submissions in full?
  • Do applicants receive detailed and considered feedback about their complete performance/score from the Jury?
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