Acerca de musicalchairs

Mission Statement

Musicalchairs aims to provide a cost-effective means for orchestras, opera companies, conservatoires and schools to advertise vacancies to the highest possible calibre of candidate. Although musicalchairs is widely read worldwide, we respect and value national job markets. We understand how crucial it is for classical music employers to reach the best possible list of applicants so that top class appointments can be made. We recognize our responsibility to make the listings as clear as possible.


Musicalchairs provides an exciting overview for classical music job vacancies world wide. We acknowledge the importance of the audition/interview procedure and we strive to communicate all job details as clearly and simply as possible.


Musicalchairs strives to provide their clients with flexibilty and versatility in presenting their adverts. We understand how crucial it is for institutions to reach the best possible candidates for their auditions/interviews. 450 orchestras, opera houses, conservatoires and schools are experiencing the benefits of using musicalchairs for player and teacher recruitment.