Stara Zagora, ブルガリア
掲載日: 09 Apr 2024
International Competition for Young Tenors

International Competition for Young Tenors

20 - 27 Aug, 2024

The Second International Competition for Young Opera Singers-Tenors “The Voice of Kamen” is organized by the Stara Zagora State Opera, Foundation “Kamen Chanev” with the assistance of the non-profit organization “Association of the Stara Zagora Opera”. The International Competition combines a serious competitive profile with professional, international prestige and a contemporary approach to its presenting, which positions the participants as “young ambassadors of music” from “stages” of the ancient Stara Zagora.

The Competition will be held from 20 August to 27 August 2024 in two professional rounds before an international jury, presenting “The Voice” as a musical talent, and a third round with a focus on the personal message of the artist, in which the participants are assessed by the audience.
締め切り日: 01 Jul 2024
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